Monitor, screen, and manage visitors entering your facility

Guided self sign-in/out system for visitors:
  1. Visitor/employee arrives
  2. Automatic temperature detection at the kiosk
  3. Optional facial recognition to pre-populate details for returning individuals
  4. Tap welcome screen or scan QR code for touchless sign-in/out
  5. Fill in details and answer questions
Give control to management by automatically sending notifications to the employee who is hosting the visitor or to admin of screening results
Choose to deny entry to visitors who do not pass the screening and ask them to reschedule their meeting to a later date
Accurately match visitors to any existing records and maintain a complete audit trail of when they had access to your facility for easy access to contact tracing information


Reduce traffic and possible contamination with QR code sign-in/out

Eliminate surface touch points by enabling users to scan a QR code which moves the entire sign-in/out experience onto their personal mobile device
A touchless experience protects employees and visitors by reducing traffic, surface, touchpoints, and possible contamination
Guests and employees will now spend even less time in your lobby which eliminates traffic around the kiosk

Fever Check

Screen temperatures of all employees and visitors and flag health risks

Automate the temperature screening of each individual that moves through your facilities by integrating directly into sign-in process
Health Canada approved thermal camera built into the kiosk
Safeguard your facility with alerts to admin if an individual presents a health risk


Enable a faster sign-in/out experience and intelligently verify identities

Reduce reliance on manual inputs and speed-up the employee and visitor sign-in/out experience by automatically verifying individuals based on their facial indicators
Seamlessly integrate facial recognition into the existing sign-in/out process
Ongoing machine learning continuously learns facial patterns to account for daily differences in appearance to ensure high precision authentication
Automatically pre-populate information for returning individuals
Accurately match individuals to their existing records to create a complete audit trail for each individual


Streamline and monitor the screening sign-in/out process for employees

Ensure each employee passes mandatory screening requirements prior to being granted access to the premises
Comply with government regulations stating how employees must be managed on-site
Quickly flag and deny employees who might post a risk to your workplace
Securely manage data and maintain a full digital audit trail for each individual
Quickly generate reports for work shifts and contact tracing

What people say about us

We deployed our first Monitio Essential Screening Kiosk in August. The system has automated the COVID-19 screening routine for members of the public visiting the station, including fever screening, symptom self-reporting questionnaire, and contact tracing logs.

The system has created efficiencies in the screening process and is helping to ensure the health and safety of our frontline members

Chief Paul VandeGraaf Cobourg Police Service

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