Monitio Leverages the Latest Technology to Help Re-Open your Business

MONITIO has Health Canada approval for use related to COVID-19 and it leverages technology to help create a safe workspace while building employee trust.

Visitor Management

Monitor, screen, and manage who is entering your facility with simple step-by-step sign-in flows including COVID questionnaires. Maintain a digital audit trail for fast contact tracing and collection of information to meet your security requirements.

Touchless Sign-In/Out

Protect employees and visitors by reducing possible contamination and enabling faster sign-in/out. Individuals can scan a QR code which moves the entire sign-in/out experience directly onto their mobile device.

Fever Check

Integrate automatic temperature screening into the sign-in/out flow with a Health Canada approved thermal camera built into the kiosk. Safeguard your facility with alerts to admin if an individual presents a health risk.

Facial Recognition

Seamlessly integrate facial recognition into sign-in/out flows to enable a faster experience. Differentiate between an employee or visitor and intelligently verify identities through facial indicators.

Workforce Management

Automate the employee sign-in/out protocol. Ensure employees pass mandatory screening and quickly deny entry to those who pose a risk. Securely manage data for faster contact tracing and workshift record export.

health canada

Health Canada Approved COVID-19 Medical Device

Authorization Number: 318660

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