Palisade Gardens Retirement Home was looking to implement an automated COVID screening solution that would eliminate the need for an employee to manage the process of collecting contact information and measuring the temperature of all individuals who entered the premises.

The device allows us to know who is in the building at any given time, and it can also be used as a timesheet since it calculates what time staff come in and go out. We have the information needed for easy contact tracing, without this capability we would have to keep all that information on paper for 1 year based on government requirements

MONITIO has eliminated the need for paper-based contact records, which has improved the organization of records and efficiency especially in regards to contact tracing and outbreak reporting.

MONITIO eleviates the need for a temperature detection person. Also, alerts are immediately sent if a person doesn’t pass screening questions. A big positive is you can change the screening questions at any given time. This is extremely useful because there are different screening rules for senior homes every week or so depending on what colour zone we are in.

In several ways, MONITIO eleviates much of the pressure senior homes face when dealing with the pandemic. By automating the temperature detection, screening, and alert systems, MONITIO streamlines the infection control process.

The new QR-code feature has been a really big help since it has made the process even faster. Our operational efficiencies have improved since there is less congestion at the front door and it saves on costs put towards employees who would have to record the information.

Monitio has improved operational efficiencies by speeding up the screening and check in and out process, reducing traffic in the front lobby, and reducing costs put towards infection control protocols at the facility.

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